40 Year Reunion


Lori Marek Birtley, Steve Emme, Marla Petersen Seto at Conrad's Saloon in Ashkum. Bar hopping before the dinner at the Longbranch!

Cindy Trudeau Boudreau and Diane Froonickx Sweeney

Diane and Steve Emme

Old friends Chuck Moyer & Steve

Tracie Moyer - poor Chuck got cropped - eyes wide closed

Cathy Shapland Cords & Jim Yhonka

Marda Blackwood Gray & husband Richard (Class of '71)

Tom Lutes & Mike Marry

Lori & Vincent Prault

JoEll Allen & Mike Stegmaier (we really like this guy)

Mike Stegmaier & Scott Sweeney

Richard Gray & Diane

Cindy, Richard & Diane

Dedication at Frerichs' farm - Cindy's memorial tree

Story telling time at the dedication

The two Scotts share a Cindy story

Relaxing in the moment

Vince & Mike W Krumweide

Lingering at Frerichs

Cindy's memorial after a champagne toast.

John Leroy & Patty Leroy Glenn - the fields at their back - great picture of brother & sister in the perfect setting.

Scott & Cindy's son Eric and daughter Kristen at the dedication.

Mary Lukow, Rory & Anne LaMontagne

Ed Lauterbach & Tom Meents (Class of '72)

Larry Lukow & Rory

The two Mikes & Dean Engelbrecht

Diane & Marda......sweet

Marda and Diane......bad

Lola Gullquist Schafer and husband Tom

Patty Wilking Schatz and Grace Christie Carmichael

Mary Lukow and Anne LaMontagne

Anne LaMontagne, Denise Peas, Patty, Mark Benoit, Larry Peas & Rory

Marla, Mike W, Lori, Steve, Vince & Tom

David Hansen, Susan Hansen, Randy Poskin, Mike & JoEll Allen

Connie Glazik Pierce, Cindy & Steve Boudreau, Scott, Mike L, Diane & Marda

Dan Lock (Lu's husband), Lola, Jim Yhonka, Tom Schafer (Lola's husband) Grace Christie Carmichael, Chuck & Tracie Moyer

Gene Glenn, Scott, Larry & Mary Lukow

"I wonder what's for dessert?"

Could be pie!!

Cathy & Marda (bus buddies)

Gerald Sthay, Connie Glazic Pierce, Marda & David Hansen

Old friends LuAnn and Lola

All smiles as the night goes on.

Anne and Denise can't be chased off by our class. They keep coming back!

"I didn't do it Patty.  I swear."

The Reverend Sweeney:  "I now pronounce you man and wife."

Great smiles for new friends.

"Wanna dance?"  Scott and Patty

Scott & Steve Tholen (Class of '72)

Poskin telling Dave how things work in the Farm Bureau.  What a shocker.

"You look familiar.  You sure you didn't graduate with us?"

"Mike's phoning home.  He's out after curfew."

"If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a noise?"

Lukow's daughter Mandy, Kristen & Sue Green Leroy (Class of '74)

Mike L & Susan Hansen

Sweeney telling stories and Dave doesn't believe him.

Breakfast at Frerichs with Kelly, Eric's wife. Scott's family prepared an outstanding breakfast for a group who still wanted to party.

A good time had by all - gnight Scott.