38 year reunion

Marla Petersen Seto and Cathy Shapland Cords

JoEll Allen and Mike

Cindy and Scott Frerichs

Mike Marry and Steve Emme

The two Mikes

Connie Glazik Pierce, her brother Jeff and Marla

Connie, happy to be with family

Kristin Berry Nance, David Krumwiede and Connie Hertz - Class of '74

Sue Hansen, Cathy and Quay Kester


John Suprenant and Cindy Trudeau Boudreau

Gordy Hansen and Kris

Scott, Mike and Steve

Marla, Cathy and Patty LeRoy Glenn

JoEll and Marla

Scott Frerichs and Ed Lauterbach

Tom Lutes, Bruce Seibring and Mike 

Lori and Tom

Gene Glenn.......the good twin!

Mike and the two Cindys

JoEll and Cindy

Cindy, Cathy and Ed

Lori, Ed's good half

Bruce, Tom Meents, Gene, JoEll and Tom all telling their story.

Cooling off at Cindy's after a nice dinner with good friends.  Thanks Cindy for hosting a group of kids who didn't want the evening to end! 

Cheers to Cindy for such a good time!