37 year reunion

July 9-10, 2009 The Class of 1973 Reunion: 37 years


Ron Seibring, Joe Baptist, Jim Yohnka, Mike Marry, Randy Poskin, Jim Rohr, Vince Prault, Janelle Johnson Clark.  Andrea Schuler Hendron, Debbie Duggan Graeber, Ruth Haigh Sharkey, Alan Krumwiede, Vicki LaReau Wilkening, Debbie Schoon Cobb, Connie Glazik Pierce, Mike W. Krumwiede. Susan Hanson, Donna Humblet Brouillet, Steve Emme, Marla Petersen Seto, Grace Christie Carmichael, Patty LeRoy Glenn, Gene Glenn, Lori Marek Birtley, Joey Pullin Shayka, David Burling, John Suprenant, Quay (Brenda) Kester, Becky Brave, Roxann Giertz Basham, Kate (Cathy) Shapland Cords, David Hansen.  


The LongBranch Crew: Jim Rohr, Mike L. Krumwiede, Vince Prault, Debbie Duggan Graber, Patty LeRoy Glenn, Claudia Wyncoop Seibring, Bruce Stewart, Marla Petersen Seto, Ron Seibring. Kate (Cathy) Shapland Cords, Joyce Gray Timmerman, Connie Glazik Piere, Gene Glenn. Steve Emme, Quay (Brenda) Kester.

Randy Poskin, Connie Glazik Pierce, David Hansen, Debbie Schoon Cobb, Marla Petersen Seto, Kate (Cathy) Shapland Cords, Andrea Schuler Hendron, Susan Hanson, Janelle Johnson Clark

Vincent Prault, Mike W. Krumwiede, Mike Marry, Debbie Duggan Graeber, Susan Hanson, Donna Humblet Brouillet, Lori Marek Birtley


John Suprenant, David Burling, Joe Baptist, Patty LeRoy Glenn, Gene Glenn, Grace Christie Carmichael, Steve Emme, Becky Brave Elumbaugh, Vicki LaReau Wilkening, Roxann Giertz Basham


Steve Emme, Sharon Mayotte Emme and Gail Emme. OK, here is the cool story. Sharon, sister of LuAnn Mayotte, is Steve's mom. (And LuAnn is Steve's aunt).  Sharon Mayotte Emme graduated  in the first class to come out of Clifton Central after the building was completed, in 1954. She was the prom queen. Before that, each high school in each town graduated its own class under the name of the town, but the sports teams were consolidated under the Clifton Central logo.  The Clifton Central school district was formed in 1950, but it took 3 years to get the building funded and built. (Thank you, Steve, historian). And, Gail is Steve's wife and Sharon's daughter-in-law.

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Diane Frooninckx Sweeney, Joe Baptist

Alan Krumwiede, Randy Poskin, Jim Rohr, Grace Christie Carmichael, Vicki LaReau Wilkening


Bruce Seibring, Vince Prault, Mike L. Krumwiede and Tom Lutes share some laughs at the Longbranch in L'Erable Friday night.

Bruce Seibring and Steve Emme closing down the Longbranch at 2AM.


 Cindy Trudeau Boudreau, Connie Glazik Pierce and Steve Emme at the Longbranch.


Cindy Trudeau Boudreau and Vince Prault hammin' it up.

Cindy, Kris Berry Nance ('74), Connie and Steve. And someone who wishes he had been a part of the class.

 Marla Petersen Seto, Debbie Duggan Graeber and Rick Graeber at the Longbranch on Friday night.

 Vince, Lori and Scott got the "Yellow Shirt, Khaki Pants" memo. Who knew there was a school uniform for this affair?

Becky Brave Elumbaugh with hubby, Bobby.

 Cindy, Jim Rohr, Kris, "feelin' the love".

 Debbie Schoon Cobb, Lori Marek Birtley

Jean Peters Ball ('74) 

Kate (Cathy) Shapland Cords, fearless organizer and woman with endless persistence.

Mike W. Krumwiede...What's the deal with not changing a bit over the years? And, great story-teller.

MW (tucked behind ML), has Scott Sweeney, ML and Tom Meents howling with laughter.

For Tom Meents, Life is Good!

Steve Emme

And, life is good for Tim O'Conner ('74), who tells Marla Petersen Seto about singing professionally all over the world. Remember that sweet tenor voice?

Ron Seibring tells tales of running various sports programs at several universities, currently in Minnesota.

Boys and their toys: Steve Emme has a whole room dedicated to his extensive train collection. He runs the trains for Mike W, Vince Prault and Tom Meents.

Joey Pullin Shayka and David Burling remember, looking through a yearbook.

Quay (Brenda) Kester and Becky Brave Elumbaugh enjoy the gathering for the group shots.

Marla Petersen Seto hoping for fill-flash.

Joe Baptist, recruited by Obama for security detail. But, Joe kept his family in Illinois.

Vince, MW and Tom Meents grabbing a bite, carbing up for the reunion Saturday night.

Tom Lutes, Kate Shapland Cords and ML Krumwiede outside the Longbranch at 2 AM. 

Mike and Tammy Marry 

 Patty and Gene Glenn

 Mike and Tammy Marry


 Roxann (Giertz) and Tom Basham


 Debbie (Duggan) and Rick Graeber

 Joey (Pullin) Shayka and David Burling

Ruth (Haigh) and Joe Sharkey

Class of '74 Attendees, David Krumwiede, Alan Krumwiede and Carol Shapland Savoie

Donna (Humblet) and Paul Brouillet

 Marla Petersen Seto, Vince Prault, Lori Marek Birtley

 Ashkum guys, Leroy Gound, Bruce Stewart and David Hansen

Kate Shapland Cords and Vince Prault

Tom Lutes and Connie Glazik Pierce at the Longbranch

 Cindy Trudeau Boudreau and Steve Emme at the Longbranch


 Marla Petersen Seto and Vince Prault calling JoEll to let her know what she's missing at the Longbranch.


 Carol Shapland Savoie and Keith and Jean Peters Ball (Class of '74)

"Wicked" David Krumwiede ('74)

Diane Frooninckx Sweeney

Scott Sweeney

Andrea Schuler Hendron

David Hansen and Andrea Schuler Hendron 

MW Krumwiede, Tom Meents, Dave Krumwiede grabbing a bite.

Patty Leroy Glenn and "Poster Man,"...See, you shoulda come! We're all having fun!

Yep, this is what Kate Shapland Cords looked like for most of the past year!


And, here she is with Ron Seibring, like so many others, who answered the call!


Randy Poskin, Lori Marek Birtley, David Hansen, Ron Seibring, Marla Petersen Seto and Connie Glazik Pierce share stories over dinner.

David Krumwiede, Jean Peters Ball and Carol Shapland Savoie relax.

Susan Hanson, Debbie Schoon Cobb, Janelle Johnson Clark, Andrea Schuler Hendron and Quay Kester chat over dinner. Artwork in the background is Quay Kester's, with impromptu installation by David Krumwiede, Kris Berry Nance and other helpers. 

Jim Rohr, Alan Krumwiede, Keith Ball and David Krumwiede

Joe Baptist, David Burling and Joey Pullin Shayka

MW, Tom Meents, Gail Emme, Steve Emme and Mike Marry enjoy dinner and catching up.