2016-43rd Year Dinner


JMT Trio ready to go!  Plus Jim!

Vince, Mike, Lori (all the way from Washington!), another Mike, and Scott our host.

Larry and Denise Peas, Mike and Laura Krumweide

Mark, Scott, Vince, Scott and Kate.  Pre-party chatter.

Long time buddies, Scott and Mark.

Mike and Laura Krumweide with best new friend.

Greeters, Mike L and Vince

Jim Yhonka and Lori

The Glazik Bros reunite at the Class of '73 dinner.  Huh?

Toni and wife Lori

Nancy Krum and Rita Glazik

Our host welcomed good friends Keith and Penny Berger. Herscher grads who joined us for a great night

Nancy, Penny and our Queen, Diane

Mike, Diane, Connie and Lori. Good friends, good eats.

Our host. All smiles.

Jeff and Rita Glazik

Connie, Vince, Jim, Scott and Mike

Late night jabber. Vince, Scott, Mike and Ed Lauterbach. Better late than never Ed!  Always smiling!