60th Birthday Reunion

Nothing says Happy Birthday better than cake! Big thank you to Kim Shafer for bringing a fabulous cake even though she couldn't join in the fun.

Pre party boys at the Uptown Grill on Friday night.  Gotta start some time!

Pre party girls at the Uptown.

Best bartender and friend, Cubby Sorensen joins the group.

The pre party closes down in Herscher.  Still smiling!

Arriving.....Diane and Denise (Class of '72)

Let the games begin!  Mike L and Vince Prault

The Ice Man Cometh.......

Three Villages represented:  Mike Marry from Clifton, the two Scotts from Chebanse and Rick Taden from Ashkum.

All smiles from Cindy and Diane.

Mike W. and his bride Laura Cohen.  Hope she's ready for this!

Tammy Marry and Kate reconnect.

Denise, Dennis Redke, Lori & Ed, Vince, Amy Rashinskas Redke and Jill Taden.

Steve and Mike our honorary class members.

Diane and Nancy Krumwiedi, band groupie and great friend to all!

Mike and Rick. Tom Meents and Mike W who were separated at birth. 



Amy party hopping.  Third and last party of the day!

Carol Shapland Savoie (Class of '74) and gang.

Good food, good friends

Just like the holidays back in the day, we take a picture when everyone's chewing.


The band....or most of it.

JMT Trio

Get out there and dance - Kate and Scott (our host)

Girl dancing - Tammy Marry, Jill Taden and Kate

Catching up with old friends


Lori and Ed Lauterbach

Kate and JoEll talking on the sidelines.

That's Denise Pankey and Scott Frerichs

Amy and Dennis

Ship mates Nancy and Captain Sweeney!


Diane and Scott - always in love.

What do I eat now Diane?

Go for the cake, it's our birthday!

The music ends.  Time to relax and kick back with friends.

Arm in arm JoEll and Quay Kester

Quiet time after a long wonderful evening.

Happy faces on those of the class who gathered together to celebrate.